Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement

When a total knee replacement is done, all 3 compartments of the knee are resurfaced or replaced. This is needed if all 3 compartments of the knee are worn and symptomatic.

If you have only one (1) compartment of the knee that is worn, such as in the picture, than you it is possible you can have a partial, or uni-compartmental knee replacement done, only replacing the part of the knee that hurts.


Is uni-knee surgery right for you?

Partial, or uni-knee replacement, is only recommended for patients that need part of the knee replaced. Most likely, arthritis has only affected the medial, or “big toe” side of the knee. Additional items to consider include:

  1. You have already tried conservative treatment that has been ineffective.
  2. You are limited to your day to day activities, can exercise, and your quality of life has decreased.
  3. 80% of more of your pain is localized to one side or the other of your knee.
  4. You are interested in conservative surgery with a small incision and would prefer to avoid a total knee replacement.

These videos will describe the difference between uni-knee and partial knee.

Anatomy & Surgical Animations of Knee Replacement Surgery

Click on the link below to learn more about the knee or to view animations of knee surgeries.

Knee Animations

Dr Kelly's outcomes for Partial (Uni) Knee Replacements

Outcome Studies: 2001 – 2003
Number of Patients: 230

Average Follow-up: 6 years

Number of Patients Contacted: 117
Age: Average 63 years old
Age Range: 42 years to 82 years old
Results: 96% Success Rate


History of the Partial (Uni) Knee Proceedure

Early 1970’s Marmor Unicompartmental Knee Replacement was introduced by the Richard's Orthopedic Implant Company.

1973 - Drs. Gross, Iwersen, Kratochvil & Klein PC, the founding fathers of our group, GIKK Ortho Specialists, performed the partial knee replacement through a standard midline incision:

Dr. Joseph Gross (1914-1998)
Dr. Frank Iwersen (1910-1992)
Dr, Robert Klein (1933-1986)
Dr. Bernard Kratochvil (Emeritus)

1985 - Dr. C. Michael Kelly joins Drs Gross, Iwersen, Kratochvil & Klein, PC and is trained by Senior partner Dr. Bernard Kratochvil on the technique of partial knee replacement using the bone conserving technique through a standard midline 8 inch incision.

1992 - Biomet Orthopedic Implant Company introduces the Repicci Knee - a new partial knee design.

2001 - Dr. Kelly attends Dr. Repicci's training course at the Orthopedic Learning Center in Chicago for hands on instruction on the minimally invasive surgical technique for partial knee replacement Dr. Kelly begins minimally invasive 4 inch incision procedure on his private patients.

2007 - Dr. Kelly's practice is one of the top centers in the United States for a partial knee replacement utilizing this bone conserving approach. He performs approximately 15 to 20 partial knee replacements a month with the minimally invasive technique.

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