Dr. Kelly's surgeries take place on Monday and Wednesday of each week. Once Dr. Kelly has met and consulted with a patient and jointly agreed surgery is the best choice, surgery will be scheduled through Dr. Kelly's nurse. Call Dr. Kelly's nurse, Jill, at (402) 399-8550 if you still need to schedule, or if you have any additional questions about surgery.

Preparing for surgery

1) Make sure your dental exams are up to date.

2) If you are able, attend the pre-op class at Midwest Surgical Hospital.  Call 402-399-1976 for an appointment.


Surgery Locations

Dr. Kelly performs surgery at Midwest Surgical Hospital.


Day of Surgery

Post Surgery

With partial knee replacement surgery, you should expect the following:

  1. Home the day of surgery or the next day
  2. Start walking the day of surgery
  3. Able to bear full weight right away
  4. Physical therapy 2 times a week for 3 weeks
  5. Return to work 1 to 3 weeks after surgery

Ask Dr. Kelly about what typical expectations are after surgery if you are considering a total knee replacement as these time frames will differ.

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