Dr. Kelly performs both total and partial knee replacements as well as knee revision surgery and gender specific knee replacements. Dr. Kelly has been in practice since 1985 and has performed over 3,000 total and partial knee replacements combined.

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Defining Total vs Partial Knee Replacement

If you have only one (1)  or two (2) compartments of the knee that is worn, than it is possible you can have a partial, or uni-compartmental or bi-compartmental knee replacement done, only replacing the part of the knee that hurts.

The knee is made of 3 articulating surfaces:
A. The Medial Compartment
B. The Lateral Compartment
C. The Patello-Femoral Compartment.

When a total knee replacement is done, all 3 compartments of the knee are resurfaced or replaced. This is needed if all 3 compartments of the knee are worn and symptomatic.

You can learn more about knee arthritis and options for knee treatments by watching Dr. Kelly’s Online Seminar.


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Anatomy & Surgical Animations of Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee Animations

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