Welcome to Midwest Hip & Knee! Dr. C. Michael Kelly is a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in arthritis care and joint replacement of the hips and knees. He has been in practice in Omaha, Nebraska at GIKK Ortho Specialists for over 25 years.


His special interest is in partial and bi-compartmental knee replacements. This is the most bone conserving knee replacement surgery utilizing an "inlay technique". The ligaments are preserved allowing for a more normal kinematic knee function. Surgery is done as outpatient or overnight surgery.  This technique allows for minimal down time and quick recovery to allow patients to get back to a full, active life. Dr. Kelly‚Äôs practice is one of the top centers in the United States for a partial knee replacements. He performs approximately 15 to 20 partial knee replacements a month using a minimally invasive technique.


He also performs gender specific hip and knee procedures which allow the most appropriate implant fit for men and women.


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